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Manage your data

An enterprise platform to streamline your payments.

Lower your costs

Manage FX, track payments and simplify reconciliation.

Future proof

A GDPR compliant blockchain and near-real-time global reach to any payment type.

Catalyze growth

Pay the unbanked and underbanked.

Automating Corporate Treasury

Increase savings
Evolve the payment
Unlock new growth

The problem isn’t payments, it’s data.

The State-of-the-Art Payments Platform

Velo facilitates a real-time data dialog between corporates and their many payment touchpoints, including payees, banks and regulators.

Velo’s enterprise platform reimagines how ERP, bank, and new payment types can leverage better, richer data.

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Evolved Technology

Payments Cloud

A SaaS platform that dynamically manages all payment data, while providing improved security, configurability and scalability.


Real-time, in-state tracking so that you know where your payments are at any given moment.


High performance, advanced security, GDPR compliant blockchain, providing a single point of truth for all payment transactions.

Smarter Transactions


Real-time reporting and full cost visibility, with low-cost routing to reduce FX exposure wherever possible.

Beneficiary-directed payments

Reduce exceptions and errors, improve self-help.

Data quality

Reconcile disparate data formats and interfaces into a single environment.

Flexible Design & Delivery

Robust API Suite

For enterprises, integrate into any ERP environment.

Self-service platform

For SMEs, intuitive Velo UI lets you get started quickly.

Payment agnostic

Disburse payments to any currency or payment type including e-wallet, cards or virtual.

Superior Platform

Working from a white piece of paper allows us to solve long-standing problems in payments.

Leveraging our vast experience in developing tools across all aspects of the payments industry, we utilized the best of today’s technology to solve tomorrow’s payment challenges.


Velo Payments code review scored between “excellent” and “outstanding” with a blended score of 4.5.

Independent Code Review
April 2018

Overall, Do Diligence Partners rates Velo Software nearly Outstanding. The overall takeaway from this analysis should be that this software has been very well designed and implemented, and we believe it is therefore on its way to becoming an outstanding software offering.

Code Review, Do Diligence Partners

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