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Automating corporate treasury.

The internet, globalization, mobility & now IOT.

New technology drives data proliferation faster than infrastructure can support. Nowhere does this create greater problems than in payments. Velo has the solution.

Pay and get paid.


Corporate payment needs have fundamentally changed in recent years, increasing in complexity, opacity and cost. Velo's platform connects corporates and their banks' partners, replacing the bank flat file to make payments better, faster and cheaper.


Suppliers and the global workforce have evolved as well. Velo empowers the banked and unbanked to control where, when and how they want to be paid.

Velo smart data network.


Velo clients can leverage their existing banks' partners, accounts, and payee data, with no changes in compliance.


Velo makes it easy for banks to join its network, and offer new solutions to new and existing bank clients.


E-wallets, crypto, mobile and other fintech innovators can tap into the Velo network and expand their businesses.

Velo puts new technology on both old and new rails.
Get better, faster, cheaper payments, without the regulatory risk.

Velo team

Purpose-built to meet the world's evolving payment needs.

Gloria Colgan

Global Head of Financial Partnerships

John Davies

Chief Technology Officer

Elliott DeLoach

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Elmore

VP Engineering

Tom M'Guinness

Head of Legal & Compliance

John Partridge

Chief Executive Officer

Charles Rosenblatt

Chief Revenue Officer

Drew Weinstein